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        Laikipia Unity Programme

        "Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair." -Nelson Mandela

        The Laikipia Unity Programme (LUP) is an integrated and region-wide program to cultivate peace improve standards of living – particularly for women and youth - and promote environmentally sustainable livelihoods across Laikipia County in Kenya. The LUP will introduce and rapidly up-scale sustainable water, energy and conservation agriculture methodologies and technologies using the powerful and unifying medium of football as a catalyst. LUP is an umbrella for two distinct, yet importantly interrelated initiatives; 
        • An innovative model school, football academy and community environmental education center (the Laikipia Unity Football Academy) for environmentally and culturally appropriate technologies and approaches addressing peace, sport, environment and social enterprise for the region;
        • And the powerful region wide football and sport network reaching 50,000 people per year created through Laikipia Unity League (LUL) and the biennial Laikipia Unity Cup (LUC)
        LUP is possibly unique in combining an innovative community incubator and a compelling
        region-wide knowledge distribution system. The LUC/LUL events provide an essential mechanism for the rapid scaling-up and dissemination of ideas incubated at the Academy and Environmental Education Centre and in the Greater Segera 4C;s project activites. The projects will in turn learn from and add value to ideas developed in the regional network. The LUP will also serve as a cost-effective scalable model for other regions in Africa where access to water and strain on environmental resources is a major factor in community tension. 
        Samuel Eto’o - four times African Player of the Year and current striker for Turkish Antalyaspor
        Football Club is the patron of and a major contributor to the LUP.
        The primary objective of the Laikipia Unity programme is to empower the people of Laikipia to address the pressing livelihood and environmental problems they face in an integrated and holistic manner. The specific objectives of the programme include: 
        • Improve environmental management and the integrity of ecosystems throughout the County through the introduction and adoption of appropriate and sustainable water management (principally rain water harvesting), solar energy generation and conservation agriculture technologies. 
        • Improve the health of communities, particularly women and children, through the introduction of clean and reliable water, energy and agricultural technologies.
        • Strengthen community cohesion and unity  - through the powerful and culturally appropriate unifying power of sport - as a means to address the escalating violence between communities, the major victims of whom are often women and children. 
        • Provide enhanced education and sporting opportunities for the youth, male and female, of Laikipia to enable them to expand their horizons and opportunities available to them to improve their lives. 
        • Promote alternative income generating opportunities, including conservation agriculture and micro-enterprises focused on alternative energy production.

        Click on the links below to read and download copies of the Laikipia Unity Programme reports.

        LUL 2013

        LUC 2012

        LUC 2010


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