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        Species Conservation Programme

        Laikipia Cheetah and Wild Dog Project: In November 2012 ZF and the Zoological Society of London undertook a joint fundraiser in London to raise funds for a collaborative project for the conservation of the Wild dog and Cheetah habitat throughout Laikipia to support the 4Cs approach to sustainability. The role of the Zeitz Foundation is to  raise awareness and appreciation of these iconic species throughout Laikipia and contribute to the conservation of their habitat.

        Download our brochure to learn more about the Wild Dog project.

        Cheetah and Wild Dog sightings December 2014.
        Patas Monkeys Monitoring Project: The Zeitz Foundation has initiated an exciting new project to help save the vulnerable Patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas pyrrhonotus).
        The foundation’s monitoring patrols have identified Patas troops around Segera and the neighbouring communal areas that share their range with Segera. However, due to the dominance of cattle and the lack of rainwater these, monkeys are dependent on human made troughs to survive.
        With support from the UNDP, small grants programme and Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF), the foundation has repaired two water troughs that are in identified Patas habitat. An additional water point has been provided and two dedicated rangers are assigned to monitor the Patas monkeys. To ensure the sustainability of the project, the rangers will be absorbed into the Segera ranger team after a year of intensive monitoring.
        The Patas Monkeys are attractive yellow-gold inhabitants of grassland and woodland savannahs, widely distributed across Africa between the Sahara and the tropical rain forest of Senegal and Ethiopia. The eastern subspecies, however, occurs only in Kenya, western Ethiopia and north Tanzania and is uncommon. It feed on whistling thorn and faces habitat loss due to agricultural expansion and charcoal burning.
        The rangers will be able to establish a photo ID catalogue that will be used to make environmental educational materials focusing on Patas to be made available for researchers and members of LWF through the Laikipia Wildlife Environmental Education Programme.
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