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        Bursary Scheme

        Education remains the surest way out of a life of poverty. A classroom is not just a place where children learn to read and write; it is also a stronghold, keeping them away from exploitation, violence and abuse. It is a space to receive basic nutrition through the school feeding programme, and learn hygiene practices that prevent life- threatening diseases such as typhoid and cholera.

        In Pastoralist communities, women are often valued primarily in terms of the wealth they will bring to their fathers as dowry. Educating girls helps address these entrenched cultural views about traditional female roles as girls receive the same teachings as boys, enabling them to equally contribute to the social and economic welfare of their communities.
        The Bursary Scheme:
        The Zeitz Foundation’s bursary scheme assists bright students from poor families in Laikipia to grow into resourceful and socially active adults. In 2013, the Zeitz Foundation, with the support of partners such as the Hazelgrove school in the UK, provided burseries to 18 students to enable them to undergo secondary education. The aim is to raise this number to 40 students by 2015.
        Each bursary recipient is offered a place in a boarding school where they are given three meals a day, have the opportunity to make friends and do not have to worry about other jobs that would take them away from their studies. Furthermore, staying at school means the students avoid the long walks (up to 15Kms each way) to and from their homes, stripping them of precious study time.
        Criteria for selection:
        The selection process for the bursaries is based on input from representatives of the community committees, Ministry of Education officials, the Parent and Teachers Association, and elected county representatives, in collaboration with Zeitz Foundation. Bursaries are offered to an equal number of boys and girls. Bursary recipients must be in their final year of primary education and have a high record of academic performance. A guardian is appointed for each selected bursary recipient. The school and the guardian are responsible for supplying the Zeitz Foundation with the student’s result slips every term.
        Your support:
        Educating one child costs USD 750 per year. This includes food, accommodation and tuition.
        We encourage supporters to commit to the full four years of a child’s education. However, we accept annual sponsorships.
        In return for support, the student will communicate directly with you every year, sending you letters and update reports. The Zeitz Foundation will send you the performance reports of the child you are sponsoring and keep you abreast of any new activities in the area.
        Download a copy of the bursary brochure and support a child’s education.
        You can read and download the Zeitz Foundation's 2014 end of year report here.
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